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I'm currently studying at University For the Creative Arts in Canterbury, attending the Illustration and Animation Bachelors Degree.


I have been featured in: The UCA Newsletter, First time filmmaker sessions, the Lift-off sessions, Foresight Festival No5, Ecocine- festival internacional de cinema Ambiental e direitos humanos and the T-Short Animated film Online Festival. I received awards for Official Selection for The Lift Off Sessions and TOP 10 for Foresight festival official selection, where I also  attended a live-streamed panel where I talked about my work, what inspired it and how I feel about recent environmental issues and debates with other artists :))

The artists who inspire my work include Elly Smallwood, Vicky Scott, Chihuly, Kazuhito Takadoi, Kirsty Whitlock, Nicos Livesey, Daniel Greaves, Gareth Brookes and Meredith Woolnough. As well as former graduate from UCA, Elizabeth Whibley.

Below there are some works of mine which inspire me creatively, as well as pictures I have taken :))  Thankyou for reading, Lottie xx

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