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In all my animations, I love to show simple forms in embroidery, showing the message of the climate crisis. 

But, with my animation for my FMP, I wanted to show how synthetic has replaced natural. 


MIScommunication is what it sounds like, problems with communication in real life when meeting the digital world. 

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Sessions 2022 Official Selection (B).png

My curiosity for this project came from Neuralink, a new company whose goal is to build a brain computer interface, that allows people to transmit and receive information between their brain and a computer wirelessly. It gave me chills to think that this future that sounds like it came from a film could exist today.


My main inspirations are Samantha Moore and Robert Breer, who both work within animation. Their styles are combined with my textile approach and embroidery.

This style of animation was quite out of my depth, as I normally create digitally drawn or embroidered animation. However, this was mostly made from hand-drawn animation, which I have made bound books out of. This was a great challenge for me but it was definitely worth it.


Other works are frames or parts making up my animation repurposed to show stages in my development towards my finished piece. Heat dyes, embroidery, etchings, hand-drawn stop motion and sublimation prints are all shown in aspects of my work.

grad show stop motion.jpg
grad show 1.jpg
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